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Carbon Footprint?


Terms of Use

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CTrackX, the carbon footprint calculator, is the proprietary product of Nash fintechX. The carbon footprint calculator is intended solely for the use of individuals, corporates visiting this platform to gain insights into their carbon emissions from various activities. While we encourage users to share the results obtained from the calculator, they must always attribute t he tool to Nash fintechX.

The carbon footprint calculator provided herein is intended to offer users a general indication and estimation of their carbon footprint for different day-to-day activities. For emission calculations the results presented are based on average country data where there are large regional variations in source inputs. The carbon footprint calculator's estimates can be influenced by various factors, such as the specific nature of the activity, regional variations in energy sources, transportation specifications, and other contextual elements. For users seeking a more detailed and accurate carbon footprint calculation tailored to their needs, please feel free to reach out to us directly. In using the calculator you agree to the terms of use listed on the platform.

You can compare your footprints vs average per capita emission data of selected countries (based on 2019 base data from World Bank).

As a company, our goal is to raise awareness about carbon footprints and encourage quantifiable sustainable actions to mitigate the impact of our carbon footprints. The calculator is an important assessment tool to track the emissions and start taking action by offsetting your emissions through CNet0.

Let’s work together to inspire positive changes and collectively strive towards a greener future for the planet.